Measurements - Leather covers for Stokke, Bugaboo and other strollers
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Why do I have to measure my stroller’s handle bar / bumper bar?

Actually, yes you would think that a stroller model always has the same dimensions on handle bar and bumper bar…

Unfortunately this is not the case. There are often differences in length and circumference of up to 1 cm!

Therefore it is important that you measure your own stroller, so we can tailor our products custom made for you.
We have the standard dimensions of many common stroller models, but if your strollers measurements differ from that, our covers might be too large or too small and you won’t be happy with them.

How do I measure my stroller?

We need the following dimensions:

– Length measured on the outside of the handle bars rounding
– circumference (best measured at several points to see if it’s the same everywhere)

At two-part handle bars please measure both side – sometimes even those are different!

Best way to measure is with a measuring tape.

Custom orders

We can make our leather bar covers for almost every stroller model.

We just need measurements and maybe a picture of your stroller’s handle bar or bumper bar where we can see how it’s formed (the rounding).

Order a custom stroller bar cover »


We need EXACT dimensions, so please don’t add or count off anything.

The exact size the covers must have to fit your stroller will be calculated by us according to your measurements.

Sometimes the length of the finished covers will be slightly smaller than the dimensions of the handle bar/bumper bar. That’s because the leather will stretch during lacing and would be too long otherwise.

The lace-up covers will always be a bit thinner than the circumference you gave us – that’s because the covers have to be pulled over the bars very tightly during lacing, so they don’t slip later.

Measure the circumference

  • necessary for all covers
  • handle bars with 2 foam parts: please measure both sides
  • measure at several places to see if circumference is the same everywhere

Measure the length on the outside of the rounding

  • necessary for all covers
  • handle bars with 2 foam parts: please measure both sides

Measure the length on the inside of the rounding

  • necessary only for custom orders (strollers you don’t find in our shop)
  • handle bars with 2 foam parts: please measure both sides

How to read the measuring tape properly:

The long lines always mark the cm steps.
It’s a bit confusing because the numbers often are written next to the shorter lines.

Don’t read the measuring from “the wrong side”.
In this example that means it’s not 11,6 cm but 10,4 cm.

The metall cap on the beginning of the measurig tape counts in.
So you start at the very beginning of the tape, not after the metal cap.
Also check if the first cm isn’t missing (sometimes it happens that the metal part tears appart or is cut off).


Right measurement for the handle on the picture: 10,4 cm

NOT right: 11,6 cm, 10,9 cm, 11,4 cm