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Frequently asked questions

Why are the covers I got smaller than the measurements I gave you?

Sometimes the length of the finished covers will be slightly smaller than the dimensions of the handle bar/bumper bar. That’s because the leather will stretch during lacing and would be too long otherwise.

The lace-up covers will always be a bit thinner than the circumference you gave us – that’s because the covers have to be pulled over the bars very tightly during lacing, so they don’t slip later.

Can I put the covers on handles where the foam is broken or completely missing?

Yes, that’s possible!

Ripped foam:
You can simply put the covers over the ripped foam. If the rip is very large try to fix it with tape first.

Hole in the foam:
Here you can also put the cover over the broken foam. If the holes or rips are large, try to repair and level them by putting something into the holes (e.g. some kind of foan or fabric) and then wrap tape arround it until the foam is as even as possible.
(We recommend using electrician tape).

The foam is missing or too broken to be repaired:
You can also put the covers directly on the metall bar, but they might not hold as well as with foam. We recommend to put a few layers of foil wrap beneath the covers to prevent them from slipping.

Do I have to take of the foam from my strollers bars?

No! Our leather covers are meant to be put over the foam. It’s even important that the foam or rubber stays on the handle to ensure a good hold of the covers.

So please always measure around the foam, not just the metall part of the handle.


Which leather color matches my stroller best?

We offer a lot of nice leather colors – the decision which color to choose can be hard 🙂

If you are not sure what to choose or want to see the colors in real, you can order up to 10 leather samples für 5 € inkl. shipping.

How long does it take until I get my ordered products?

All our products are custom made after receiving payment according to your wishes and measurements.

The production time depends on the the current order situation – at the moment about 1 week.

The delivery time depends on the country of destination and the countries shipping company.
The following times are approximate values from our experience:

within Austria: 1-3 Tage
to Germany: 3-7 Tage
Europe: 5-10 Tage
Rest of the world: 7-15 Tage


My stroller model is not listed in your shop, can I nevertheless order leather covers?

We can customize our handle bar and bumper bar covers for almost any stroller model.

We just need exact measurements from you.

Note: The circumference should be almost the same on the whole handle. If that’s not, please send us an email before ordering to check if it’s possible to make covers or not.

The price depends on the size of the handles.

Here you can configure covers for your stroller model »

How often should I use the supplied bees wax leather balm?

You will get a beeswax balm with your order for optimal care of the leather.

You can use this every few weeks to make the leather soft, supple and water repellent. Just rub it on thin and evenly and let it soak overnight.

Depending on the leather surface this can lead to a slight darkening of the leather, therefore please apply sparingly and evenly.

Leather care & cleaning

How should I clean my stylebug products?

Real leather is a natural material and requires careful cleaning and care.

Dirt you can try to brush off carefully in dry state (eg with old toothbrush)

Stains you can wipe gently with vinegar water with a soft, clean cloth.

If the covers have become wet, let them dry slowly and never directly near heat sources (hairdryer, heating, …). Quick drying makes the leather brittle.

You can find all info about leather cleaning and care here.

Can I reuse lace-up covers?

Yes, no problem!

Leave the cord a bit longer when you’re finished with lacing and hide the left over cord under the leather – so it won’t be too short when lacing the next time.

When you want to take the covers off, be sure not to rip or cut the cord or the stitching!

If you ever need a new cord you can contact us and we will send a new one – or you can also use embroidery yarn from the crafts store.

If you buy second hand lace-up covers from someone, be sure to check if the measurements of the other stroller are the same as yours. They are often different even on same models!

Is the lacing difficult?

No, the lacing is not difficult or very complicated – but it requires more patience than the attachment of zip covers.

That’s why we recommend the lacing covers only if you want to leave the covers on the stroller, without changing or removing them often.

The lacing may be more time consuming but the result is very classy and striking and totally worth the effort 🙂

Here you can find a detailed tutorial and video of how the lacing is done.


Are the needle and cord included when I order lace-up covers?

Of course – you get everything you need for lacing the covers onto your stroller!

That means:

  • your ordered covers
  • cord in desired color
  • needle
  • beeswax balm for leather care

So you can start lacing immediately after receiving the parcel 🙂

Can I return ordered stylebug products?

Basically not because all our products are custom tailored for you and for such products there is no right of withdrawal.

However if you have any reason for complaints on a stylebug products, please send us an email and we will certainly find a solution.

But please consider that we can’t be liable for false measurements or improper handling of the products by the customer.

That’s why it is important that you read the info provided on this website, especially about measuring, we can only ensure a perfect fit of our covers if we get the right measurements from you.

If you need help or more info, please contact us via email before ordering!